• Working on a collection of short stories and my 5th book, 'How to build a castle in seven easy steps'...taking longer than I thought.

General details

  • DaniJCaile

  • Budapest, Hungary

  • Dani J Caile

  • BA in Philology

In short

  • Dani J Caile is a teacher and proofreader (BA in Philology specialising in Pedagogy) who is currently residing in Budapest, Hungary. After a lifetime of reading clones and a decade of proofreading coffee table books, in retaliation he has written 4 fantasy books and 1 novella, including 'Man by a tree', 'The Bethlehem Fiasco', 'The Rage of Atlantis' and 'TDX2', all based on his own neo-plantonic universe. His latest book, 'Manna-X', is available now. He has also published a short story compilation on smashwords.com called 'Dani's Shorts' available for free. When not writing, dabbling in Shakespeare, teaching English, proofreading, washing up, hoovering, and driving all over the place, he is busy with his loving and long-suffering family.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing