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  • Danya

  • Southern Arizona, Wild West USA

  • Danya Simkus

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In short

  • 46 years old as I edit this and change my previous age from tender 38... I just realized I've been on Webook for many more years than I was actually writing anything for it.  I only meant to take a little time off, but in 3 years I helped open 4 bookstores, and it took all my time.  Just relocated to Arizona for my health, and it has been such a success, I'm back - and glad to be!  Hello again, beautiful... let's write something!

  • Most of us here seem to really hate this 'claim to fame' thing - unless we're famous - which I'm not.  So how's about I change it to:
    'What I'm most proud of in my writing' - which I can answer easily... (with a new answer) -

    I was 'Webooker of the week'!  My project, Botanica Toxica was featured/mentioned in the article!  Thank-you Webook for the friends and support.  Especially recently, just getting out of the hospital again and having a rough go of it, Webook has been really wonderful.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Tao of Pooh.
    (Really, how can anyone answer these?)
    Tao of Pooh.
    And mine.  I like my books... if we were honest, I guess we'd all say we like our own the best... if we didn't, we wouldn't write them!
    Benjamin Disraeli said;
    "If I want to read a good book, I write one."
  • currently only reading books related to research for my book... a great one on poisonous frogs was the last.
  • In bed... the stroke gave me a seizure condition when my brain gets over-taxed, which reading often does; so I read in bed so if I have a little seizure I'm safe as a kitten... a  kitten having a seizure.
    (there's a pretty word-picture!)
  • One from my book in process; Emmeline Price - owner of a nursery specializing in poisonous plants - she makes her own crosses and is wickedly cool at all times. 
    (And she can walk unassisted, which she does especially for me).
  • Too many to mention - I am a rare book dealer, so I love the classics, but always eager to try new things too -
    currently Bourdain, always Kundera, Robbins and Ruth Gordon... but too many to mention.