• Hopefully light/dark love :) and giving people feedback on their pieces

General details

  • DayDreamer94

  • ummm . .  at my house (DUH!)

  • Bee

  • Its near where i live and why the hell do yuu wanna know ?!?

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • Hey Guys :)
    The names Bryony , people call me Bee
    Im Taken and 16
    Going to college in September
    I love to write when i got the chance
    I love reading and manga.
    My favorites are Naruto , Bleach,Vampire Knight and Death Note and GTO .
    Want to know more?
    Message and add me you tard .

  • Just want to make some kind of difference in the world one way or another .Even if its a musician or an author .I really dont mind .

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • The Twilight Saga + The Host
    The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
    House of Night Series
    Dan Brown Books

    Manga>> Death Note,Naruto,GTO,Vampire Knight
  • Firestarter By Stephen King
  • My bebroom , the Study
  • Helping people with their writing and mostly reviewing at the moment  and reading at the moment :)
  • Jane from the twilight series
  • Stephnie Meyer , Malorie Blackman , J.R Ward,Dan Brown.