General details

  • Divinity

  • Central Scotland

  • Divinity Magic

  • English

In short

  • Hi, for now i will just stick with Divinity, I am an Ex Police Officer and now other than working my full-time job (which i cant really mention) I am a Professional Close-up Magician. You can feel free to have a look at my videos on youtube, simply search for "Divinity Magic".

    For many years now i have been writing, but my stories have only ever gotten onto a piece of paper which stays in my folders. My friends read them but until now i have never put them forward for any sort of critique, i may not be any good? I may need to stick to Magic.

    Hello to all.

  • Well claim to fame? I have met dozens of famous people, Keanu Reeves, Derren Brown, Simon Pegg, John Thompson, Alan Carr, David Blaine, Jimmy Carr to name but a few.

    I have been on TV once or twice, however, some of you guys living here in the UK will remember a TV show called "Distraction" hosted by Jimmy Carr, well there was one episode where-by a contestant was required to answer questions in order to win a lovely brand new Mini Copper S.  However, for every question he got wrong, his car was smashed up with a dude with a sledge hammer! I WAS THE DUDE WITH THE SLEDGE HAMMER!

    I also had to eat pigs testicles and get electrocuted etc... oh the fun.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Non-Fiction: Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

  • The Devils Chaplain - Dr Richard Dawkins
    The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
    Pure Effect - Derren Brown
    The Game - Niel Strauss
    Anything by Tom Clancy
  • Celestine Prophecy
    Pierce Morgan Autobiography
  • My Office
    In my Lounge
    NEVER in bed as i just fall asleep!!
  • Christian Webb

    Life Inc.
  • Fiction: Short Story

  • Superman
  • Derren Brown
    Richard Dawkins
    Tom Clancy