General details

  • EvoletteABlack

  • Geelong, Australia

  • Linn

  • Deakin University

In short

  • My name is Linn and originally I'm from a teeny tiny town in Sweden but for the moment I'm living in Australia. Also for the moment, I'm studying professional and creative writing at uni, been in school over half my life so, yup, I could probably be considered a nerd or something close to it but truth be told I detest school. My brain, I've realised, is on constant overdrive and I think about a billion things at a time, not necessarily having to do with writing but it happens. A lot of things have been up and down in my life but one thing has always remained the same: I've always loved writing it's always let me escape to somewhere else when I've needed to. I can't though, even if my life depended on it, write or get ideas whatsoever when I'm stressed or worried. Never been too sure if my writing is good and so I've considered doing it professionally, until, the love of my life Nathan seemed to think my ideas were interesting and worth reading, so hopefully, other ppl will think so too and it'll take me and my ideas further.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing