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  • HalfMoon

  • Wisconsin

  • Allen D. Gee

  • English

In short

  • Ever since I was in grade school I have been writing poetry of one for or another; the earliest efforts not so good. I was determined, however, that I was going to learn to write good poetry and many people now tell me that I do. I then have at least one feather in my cap and the learning process continues as I have now come up with my very own poetic style and form. I have never had any formal training in poetry writing, per se, but I wrote many essays in a Creative Writing Class I took in my college days. I feel that this has indeed helped me to write better poetry as I got older and began to experience the issues of life.

  • My claim to fame is that so long as I keep on writing and keep on trying, there is bound to be at least some measure of success. How much success? That depends totally on me. As one writes more he gets better at it and this only increases the chances that success will happen. So my plan is to keep writing! But then, isn't that what most of us are here for?

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • The King James Bible
    War and Peace
    The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
  • King James Bible
  • Out on my 3-Season Porch, in my favorite armchair, with my drink of choice, on a sunny day, when I don't have anywhere else to think about going.
  • Essays and Articles.
  • Poetry: General

  • I usually don't indulge in fantasies. I am who I am.
  • Robert Frost
    Alfred Hitchcock
    Truman Capote