• Some short, flash length things.

    The tale of a cab driver, book length.  I'm seeking a critique partner for this one.

General details

  • JackSchnerk

  • Madison, Wisconsin

  • RC

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • English

In short

  • No one has ever accused me of being boring.  I've driven a cab at night for almost 20 years, in a place I describe as Disneyland for drunks. 

    My best friend was murdered by a passenger in 1992. 

    In the fall of 1997, 15 seconds into it, 2 poor under privileged latino youth lost control of the armed robbery they were attempting.   30 seconds into it,  they had dove out of the doors of the cab while it was rolling 10 mph. in reverse.  They didn't like the way I was driving.

    There were funny moments too.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • All Harry Potter, all Tales of City, The Hand Maidens Tale
  • The cab stand at the airport
  • The 5 knife stories
  • Fiction: Novella, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Humor

  • Ms. Granger
  • Margaret Atwood, Armistad Maupin, Rowling