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  • Yakir Ari

  • Phd Robotics

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  • Italian

In short

  • I set myself as a goal at a very young age to live my life in a manner that would at least get me a good story out most of the situations I would come across. I cannot say that I always made the best choices but I am sure I made the most interesting ones (Zen way of navigation, find someone that looks like he knows where he is going and follow him). I worked in almost every job known to man (bartender, a teacher, gave private lessons, a baby sitter, a magician, a farmer growing watermelons, wakamoly, mango, a banana picker, a handy guy, an assistant in vet clinic, a shepherd, staff in an amusement park, security for a music festival, dog hair-styler, cashier and chef for a fast food restaurant,  making rubber wheels in a factory, helicopter assembly line assistant, musician, mover, I managed a youth movement was an ambassador, sold subscriptions in call center, sold door to door products, several positions as a programmer, graphic designer and in team management, had a radio show, a rock band and a start up company) , I hardly ever say no to an offer and I do not tend to regret about things I do.

  • Fame is overrated. Nowadays fame can only be related to the lowest common denominator of one's doings.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Coming of Age, Experimental, Graphic Novel, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Computing & Internet, Humor, Philosophy

    Poetry: General

  • "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut 1963, "The Kites" by Romain Gary 1980, and "Vie et mort"  by Emile Ajar (still Romain Gary). "Sleepy"‘ by Anton Chekhov 1888, "The refusal" by Franz Kafka 1920, "Godel Escher Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter 1979
  • Computer System (A programmer perspective). By Randal E. Bryant, Game Theory and "I am a strange loop" by Douglas Hofstadter.
  • laying on a banana leafs carpet in the living room beneath a 60's styled coffee table from ikea (plain wood, looks like a surf board and about the same size) with my back pressed to an old sofa from my parents house (before they divorced).
  • What is this box purpose I wonder.
  • Fiction: Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Graphic Novel, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Art, Architechture & Photography, Computing & Internet, Music, Science, Sex & Relationships

    Poetry: General, Personal / Confessional

  • Myself, at the day my profile picture was taken.
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Romain Gary, Carver Raymond and Dauglas Adams... of course.