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  • JurneyEve

In short

  • I am an inspirational speaker, blogger, author and a member of RAINN's Speaker Bureau. My first published work, Intended Harm, is a work of non-fiction about my own abduction as a seventeen year old girl. Intended Harm, is about what happened to me, how I dealt with it and how it has changed me throughout the years. My hope is to reach out to other people who have been hurt by sexual assault or by any tragedy that they are having a hard time dealing with and help them by sharing my story. I am an inspirational speaker who wants the world to know that God heals. And how He has changed my life. God showed me how to take the pain that my abductor caused me and turn it into a powerful message of hope, healing and forgiveness. He can heal you too if you let Him.
    "Only God can turn a mess into a message and a victim into a victory."

  • Here is a link to my book.



My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Anne Rice, Alice Sebold, Stephenie Meyers, JK Rowling