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  • Toronto Ontario -- University.
    Cornwall, Ontario -- Homey Home for the past 4 and some years.

  • Kimberley Falk

  • York University

  • English

In short

  • I've wanted to be a writer since I was in the fourth grade and we were told to write a short story on any topic we wanted. The maximum was two pages, which I wasn't aware of. I wrote a twelve page story about a little girl who frees the animals from her local zoo and runs off with them trying to release them in the wild. I cried when my teacher told me to cut it down, but she read it in front of the class anyway.
    I was born in Calgary Alberta and moved around from town to town until I was the age of five, where I started Kindergarten in High River Alberta. Every other weekend, or whenever my father saw fit, we would go visit him in whatever town he lived in at the time. My paternal grandparents own a country home and used to breed and sell miniature horses for a living, and I used to enjoy spending some of my summer time playing hide and seek and scaring the neighbours buffalo around.
    I went to a Catholic elementary school where everyone was friends with everyone. But, I still remember a time when I was forced to apologize to a teacher after entrusting in a friend that I was angry at another boy in the class. She tattled on me, and I was then known by that teacher as a "misfit child".
    At the age of thirteen, after battlements and problems with my alcoholic father, our family moved out east to Hamilton Ontario. My step father had gone first to find a job, and I had missed plenty of school in fear that our father would come looking for us. When our family ( My oldest sister 13 years my senior and her two young children, my almost-twin sister, and my 1 1/2 year younger brother) were all finally in Ontario, we could breath. I remember being extremely sad after most of my friends from Alberta blocked me from their MSN accounts (I was only 13!).
    In a small apartment and sharing a tiny room with my sister, I grew accustomed to spending my time alone with no social life. I turned to books and writing poetry and journals to pass the time. I spent so much time at the local library, that they knew me by name. The friends I had been lucky enough to make at my new school had lost interest in me and became enticingly malicious at my lack of fitting clothing. After going to a welfare catholic K-8 school downtown Hamilton for three months and living entirely on my step-father's inheritance, we moved to my step-father's home town of Cornwall, Ontario.
    There I started high school with fresh aspects. This school was beautiful on the outside and intellectually incredible within. Also a Catholic high school, I already felt warmth toward it. There, on the first day and first class, I met my first friend. Not one moment at St. Joe's was spent without friendship. There was not a teacher who I could not stand. And there, at that school, I was saved. I met the best friends I could ever have, sent to me by Christ above.
        I met the English teacher with whom I would spend much time seated in anticipation of her lectures. After writing a profile on her for my writing class, I learnt that her father had the pleasure of having a student acknowledge him in a published novel. She thought that it was amazing. So, then and there, I planned and still do to let her have the feeling as well.
    So there's my life in a nutshell. I'm a country girl in love with my country roots. I dream of publishing a book and living deep in the Rockies back home in Alberta. I plan on dying in Europe.
    So here I am, a University student praying to have a job after I graduate in little less than four years. I hope to keep my friends even longer, and know deep down I will. I have a yearbook packed cover to cover with people behind me on my dreams. I won an award from my high school for my love of literature -- my biggest achievement, being recognized by my teachers. Many times.
    If my life interests you, I shall be writing a memoir of my greatest and worst memories soon.

  • Poems published galore.
    Fanfiction famous for years (Twilight and Harry Potter if you must know)
    Many novels in progress...
    I shall make it big as a professional writer!
    I love Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romance, ... pretty much everything!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Historical Fiction, Humor/Satire, Literary, Military/Espionage, Mystery, Political, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen, Women's Fiction

    Non-Fiction: History, Humor, Politics & Current Affairs, Reference, Women's Studies

  • Twilight, Harry Potter, Stray, City of Bones, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
  • Eldest, Night World, Dead Until Dark...
  • In my bed :)
  • I write poetry as well as full stories.
    Dance of the Gypsies.
    I am also working on another private novel with only a few reliable readers. They are enthralled with it, so hopefully publishers will like it as well.
  • Fiction: Children's, Historical Fiction, Literary, Mystery, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen

    Non-Fiction: History

  • Bella Swan... Or Rosalie since she's married to Emmett.
  • Stephenie Meyer, Rachel Vincent, J.K Rowling, Maria V Snyder, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Patricia Briggs, Rachel Cohn, Sara Dessen, Meg Cabot, James Patterson.. and so many others