• The Contingent.  A novel about a group of eaths finest, tasked with continuing the species after an apocalyptic event.

General details

  • KyleRKopp

  • California

  • Kyle Robert Kopp

  • University of California, Irvine

  • Male

In short

  • Born and raised on the coast of Southern California, I spent most my youth as an actor, earning a BA in the art form from the University of California.  After several years as a cliche of a struggling actor I decided to move on with my life and pursue stability rather than fame.  However, my artistic nature became restless and I found I desperatly needed to tell stories once more.  What started as a hobby blog about my children let to me publishing the first year of stories in a book.  That led to me writing my first fictional novella which was doing quite well on webook until the site went down last year.  Sadly all my page to fame info was lost, but during that down time I opted to publish my book through Ink Water Press.  That first novella, BAIT, is available through mosts online retailers.  My second book, a novel titled The Contingent, is in the works now, as is an adaptation of a play I wrote some time go, Surviving Paris.


My Favorites: Reading and Writing