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  • If I were there, I wouldn't be here. Simple enough.

  • Dan Lodermeier

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In short

  • I have had only 2 poems published in my life and have been writing mainly since I got out of highschool. My writings can be a bit different and thought provoking.  I have never been intently interested in any writer, but I like the works of Poe.

  • No claims to boast or brag.... Just the truth. I have two poems published thus far. I hope to get a book made with the other works that I have done. I am continuously thinking of new things to write. I hope you enjoy.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • To all who read and enjoy my work.... could you spread the word?? I would like to get my name out there so to speak.  If possible I would like to get a book made of these works. Any help is appreciated.
  • Lost Soul Prophet: Forgiven Yet Forsaken
  • Fiction: Military/Espionage, Religious/Inspirational, Romance

    Non-Fiction: Reference, Religion

    Poetry: General