• This is Alex! Check out my other profile first. 

    Alright, I'm taking my first attempt at a dystopian novel. You can see the cover to the left over there. Need comments! Thanks. :D

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  • I'll give you a penny if you can guess right.

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In short

  • Hello readers.
    Feel free to message me on this account, but just warning you I may not respond as fast as I would on my other one.

    It's me, Alex. AGAIN. wow. Anyway, for more info about me go to my other profile.
    This one is for more of my projects, cuz I had too many on my other profile. I will NOT be accepting project or group invites or reading anything off of here (with an occasional exception). I will do all that on my main profile.

    luv all you WEbookers! You guys are awesome!

    So...off to write!


    P.S. All the projects under "My projects" are actually MY project even if they don't say project leader.

    P.S.S You know I'm kidding about my prefered language right? I only speak English. LOL. :P

  • You may perhaps know me as Alex. (AlexandriaEllis) :D Yes, it's me. I'm amazing, I know.
    Kidding, not that vain.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • All listed on my other profile. Too lazy to copy and paste. <3 :P
  • Uhh....Too many books to count.
  • on WEbook with all you amazing writers!!!
  • On my other account.

    I also have a WEbook diary on here....:)
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  • My dog.

    Oh, you said character?

    Well then, Wiggles from my book Wiggles. She is based off of my dog.
  • You!

    If you are reading this, you are amazingly awesome. :P Feel free to message me and talk!