• I'm having ups and downs. Downs and ups. But where better to have them than here, right?

General details

  • LouSweet

  • Hiding from mosquitoes

  • Louiza

  • Life is School

  • Female

  • Romanian

In short

  • So, after reading Chica's profile, I felt I could do a bit better than a measly line.

    I don't know what to say about myself. *curls a strand of hair around a finger.

    BBUUT, I could tell you what I've done. I've eaten an entire bag of mixed chips in one sitting.
    I signed up with every writing community out there. My forgot-your-password emails can vouch for that. They all are missing one, crucial thing....hold on....a bit thirsty....right, the community part is missing. Most people have become infatuated with fame, like Thorin with that damn Arkinstone but, wait, where am I taking this? Anyway, you get the point. Writing is so much more enjoyable when we help one another and if I lose that, I'd not want to see a word of mine on any shelf.

  • My best friend, Devi. And a plentiful more.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Crime, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Horror, Military/Espionage, Mystery, Political, Thriller/Suspense

    Non-Fiction: Biography, Diet & Health, Entertainment, Humor, Inspiration, Pets, Politics & Current Affairs, Psychology, Religion, Self-Help, Sports & Adventure, Travel, True Crime

  • Every single book, even though I might have not enjoyed it, enhances, thought-provokes, or inspires me in some way.
  • Really cool stuff.
  • The loo, my room, outside, at work, yeah, you get the point.
  • I really want to see a book finished to the end.
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Crime, Horror, Military/Espionage, Mystery, Short Story, Thriller/Suspense

  • A character? So, not a real person? Because I do have someone in mind but it's a real person. Does that not count as a character? Or do you mean, fiction wise?
    I don't think Webook would put me in a position where I'd have to choose between so many books....
    I'll go with myself in a story of the extremely talented AlecS.
  • Ken, Rick, Alec, Chris, Edrick and Jo.