• Looking to help revive the WeBook poetry scene, and also brush off the cobwebs on my keyboard/dictionary/thesaurus/grey matter !

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    UPDATE 22nd March 2013. - Back in the saddle. Seeing if it still fits.

    My poetry is often a little old-fashioned. I find I work better in the more verbose, classical style, rather than the more contemporary, street-speak brevity. That's not to say I don't appreciate all forms of poetry... I do, it's just that my own particular skills lie with a specific style. My poetry, more often than not, follows a freestyle approach, often edging towards prose, though I am occasionally tempted into a more formal style. I very rarely make deliberate attempts to rhyme, as I often find rhyming poetry unnaturally forced. Only those of the greatest skill (or luck) can make rhyming poetry flow smoothly and without obvious artifice IMHO. My focus is more upon the rhythm, meter and colour of language, the flow.... all my work is created to be read out loud as that is the truest way to experience poetry and prose. I never submit any piece that I haven't read repeatedly out loud, much to the amusement of my family !

    I try to keep my reviews constructive, and away from sensationalist emotiveness if possible (sometimes words fail me though). I will always point out grammatical or spelling errors where I spot them. This is not done out of any arrogant delusion of superiority or spoil-sport pedantry, but to try and be helpful.... after all, most of us here would love to be published and we are always told to refine our pieces until they are perfect if we want to achieve that (plus, it proves I have actually read the piece !). On the flip-side, I will also take no offence to constructive criticism of my own work. I enjoy feedback.

    Please note, I am British, so may well mistakenly point out regional spelling/grammatical issues, which you should (and no doubt will) feel free to ignore !!

    I am a well-developed atheist. I don't mind reviewing religious writing, and will not as a rule question the logic, but will review it as a work of fiction. You may even spot that I'm not beyond writing the occasional religiously sourced piece. Again, though, for me it is a work of fiction, Dragons, vampires, unicorns, gods, angels etc... all in the same category for me. I only mention this so you don't read too much into my writing. Please don't be offended, easily offended people are just bigots by another name.

    I am no networking expert, so my friends list is shorter than many, and my received feedback is far less than many on here. However, I am more than happy if you would like to add me as a friend, and would be extremely appreciative of any feedback you might wish to leave on any of my work. I shall always try and return the favour. If you do deem my work worthy, then please let your friends know.... I'm normally too reticent to promote my own work and to network widely, and I always crave more feedback (good or bad).

    If even one person enjoys reading my work, then I have been successful.

    Cheers - L :)

  • No claims, no fame !

    Once I joined the hallowed ranks of Top Writers (down on page 5 or 6 somewhere), and I occasionally creep into the Top Reviewers ranks, but haven't the stamina to stay in either for any length of time.

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  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Alternative History, Crime, Erotica, Experimental, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, General, Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Novella, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Thriller/Suspense

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    Poetry: Epic, Fantasy, General, Narrative, Prose, Romantic / Love, Song Lyrics

  • Too many, and changes regularly
  • Always have multiple books on the go at any one time. At the moment...

    The Night Circus
    Just finished all the (published) Game of Thrones books (that was a marathon ! Enjoyable but a lot of time dedicated)
  • Anywhere, but particularly...
    The Train
  • I always have at least a few novels on the go at once (yes, I WILL finish one one day). I have written song lyrics for a musician friend of mine. I started writing poetry in 2008. Stopped around 2010, when the WB poetry scene died down a bit. Hoping to brush some rust off the keys again in 2013
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Alternative History, Erotica, Experimental, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Horror, Mystery, Novella, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Thriller/Suspense

    Poetry: General

  • Probably just me in a few years time when I can afford to retire and spend time on my projects instead of other people's !
  • Stephen King
    Mo Hayder
    Neal Stephenson
    Stephen Donaldson
    William Shakespeare
    H P Lovecraft
    Edgar Allen Poe
    John Steinbeck
    Charles Dickens
    J R R Tolkein