General details

  • LynLake

  • Main St., USA

  • English

In short

  • I've enjoyed writing for years. I'm looking for critical insight. I also wouldn't mind meeting and talking to a few people who also write so we can whine at eachother about trivial things like not knowing where to go next with a story, or how we're lacking confidence... in other words: the things the people in our "real" lives don't give a crap about.

  • I have failed to finish over a half dozen promising stories for really stupid reasons. I can also alienate those closest to me in record time.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Crime, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Political, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Body, Mind & Spirit, History, Humor, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Outdoors & Nature, Pets, Politics & Current Affairs, Reference, True Crime

    Screenplay: General

  • How do I get underlined text? My favorite book, as a writer, would have to be Strunk and White's "Elements of Style"
  • I refuse to update this section everytime I start a new book.
  • Anywhere with sufficient light. In the bathtub, on the couch, on an airplane, in a car, on a bus, by a fire, in the woods...
  • Fiction: Horror, Literary, Mystery, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Cooking, Food & Wine, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

  • Never really thought about that. I'm quite content being me.