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  • Lynnie

  • Lynn Malpass

In short

  • Still trying to claim it!

    I'm an animal-loving, ADD, aspie, music lover, music writer, concert photographer divorcee. A former horse breeder, vet tech and wife. Life has been really interesting and diverse, and I've experienced a lot of things. Lots have made me a better person; some have made me worse. There's at least a few hundred pages of entertaining memior in this head... now, if only I could convince it to come out!

    My writing is varied, and covers numerous genres. I've written all my life, though I have to admit, i really began to take interest in actually crafting stories and improving myself by writing fanfiction. This has deepened my love of writing and helped me start coming up with my own ideas and characters, too. I have numerous original writings started - including a few finished short stories - and I'd love to be able to work through my writing blocks and finish some of these things. I love the ideas I come up with, but I really do have a hard time getting them out and onto the screen. Currently, other than fanfiction and some original writing, I'm also writing music reviews for my website,

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • As silly as it might sound, I have no favorite. There is a long explanation as to why I feel that is, but if you're that curious you can ask me.
  • Horseplay, A Novel, by Judy Renee Singer
  • Anyplace QUIET, and where I don't have computer access. I'm easily distracted!
  • an NT.
  • Stephen King
    Dean Koontz