General details

  • Margotjack

  • My thoughts are never in one place only

  • The name my mother chose for me, and for this very reason I love

In short

  • School - above- (again would not allow me to say everything): I was enrolled to kindergarten (at my insistence), then because I got there Whooping Cough, my grandparents refused to let me continue, so my kindergarten experience was for one week only,  then primary school with no real  drama of any kind ( except that only once I had my head  put under a running cold water by a teacher which was not convinced that my curled hair was naturally curled,  which became even curlier after the teacher’s treatment, as it was naturally curled!) , then  high school again without anything dramatic (except  for two things : first, that I got for the first time during school years 100 out of 100 for good behavior in year twelve, when I had hepatitis, as teachers somehow could not see in me that mischievous little creature I used to be (never keeping her mouth shut, always asking unwelcomed questions!), getting on their nerves all the time; after the hepatitis suddenly I became almost a saint in their eyes, though I continued to be very much myself! And secondly, after being absent from school for two months, because of the hepatitis, I have been prized by my math teacher for being able to solve a descriptive geometry problem through algebra (without having any idea about descriptive geometry because of being absent during the classes, due to my illness-hepatitis; I catched up with descriptive geometry after, but the exam was the exam and absent or not before it, one had to sit for it and I made it, in my own way; I was lucky to have a teacher who appreciated creativity and having a problem solved no matter how),  then university studies in different countries, and during all this time private learning, which will stop, I guess, with my last breath.

    I also need to say something here about the Preferred language section (above), where I am not allowed to say what I want to say, and where I am supposed to pick one language (English, French, Spanish, etc.). As it happens, it occurred to me that the language (besides what we call language generally, such as English, French, Spanish, and all the other languages of the world), the language we are most comfortable with is what I call a mental language. Each and every one of us has a mental language, and when we find at least one other person speaking it makes us feel that the saying that “we are born alone and we die alone” it’s not true after all. Most of the time is true, but not always.

    If you want to know more about me have a look at my websites:

  • joy in another's happiness

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • All the books I read, and I read only good books!
  • To write one title here, now, would not be true tomorrow (and to keep on changing this every day would be unimaginable!). It suffices to say that I read something every day.
  • I can read in any place if what I’m reading captivates my attention. However there is one place in which I would keep an open book in my hands and be unable to read not even a page: a park. In a park, where I always take a book with me, just in case, I would sit on a bench and close my eyes and listen to all the surrounding sounds and let myself be bathed in the sun rays. And for about an hour the warmth of the sun and the life surrounding me fill me with incredibly wonderful feelings. I have the feeling of being alive because everything surrounding me is alive. Have you ever had the feeling of being brought back to life because everything surrounding you is alive?

    As for My ideal role(s) section (below) , a section where again I am not allowed to say what I want to say, I’d like to say that my ideal role would be any role that would have to do with creativity.
  • Is in progress
  • What I like to write section (above) again is not letting me say what I want to say, and what I want to say is that I love to write in general, but when I am challenged to write about something that is imposed, which implies the very fact that I have no idea what is going to be in the end, gives me even a greater pleasure. Such an imposition gives me the feeling of having a dialogue. I suppose that being ostracized most of my life could not destroy my desire of having a dialogue, even if even my latest attempt of having a dialogue with all the participants on a quadripartite difficulty site was, as usual, and not a surprise to me, unsuccessful.

    Character I'd like to be for a day? Surely, not one character only! I’d rather like to be one of the positive characters I read about and loved (and all those I know nothing about, but are still positive), each day, and of course I’d like this experience to begin at the very end of my life! This way I’ll be a new type of Faust! What a splendid way to trick the Devil, don’t you think? And as some characters love reading, the number of characters, and consequently the number of days, will be infinite! Borges’ La biblioteca de Babel sounds familiar, does it not? However I read a paper wrote by a mathematician who actually calculated the number of the books and the number is not infinite (but the number of the characters might be! – that’s something that the mathematician has not considered as Borges has not stated the number of characters in each book. Could a finite number of books have an infinite number of characters? Without any calculation, the common sense says no, in which case someone would need to slightly alter the data in Borges story, so that a mathematician would be able to confirm that the number of the books in the modified story will be infinite, and consequently the number of characters). Are you happy with my answer?
  • Favorite authors? There are so many and it would be unjust to mention only some. I would need to start with all those which have illuminated my childhood and keep on going.