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  • Hi, if you have got this far I am a single man - now divorced.  I live alone and can cope with it but would love company.  I like humour and fun and would love to share it.  I can be quite dry and even sarcastic but if it doesn’t shoot straight over your head we will get along fine.  I  run my own company; writing and producing a magazine, amongst other things (don’t worry, its not penthouse although if it was I would probably be making a lot more money - might have to re-think that one). On weekends i tend to broker world peace, sort out the world economy and re-surface as many roads as i can.
     So far in this life I have been an electrician, crane engineer, DJ,  garage owner, shop owner, farmer, lobbyist and now publisher I also dabble in amature brain surgery and cosmetic too but that's more for fun so hardly worth mentioning here, so i  have a fair few things I can chat about.  If I know nothing about a subject I will still have a view, although cant promise it will be in line with yours!   If you are on here looking for a passport I am your man you can have mine for free you can pay the taxes,  I have my eye on a nice park bench rent free. I guess the room service will not be perfect but its amazing what folks discard in bins. Don't be put off by this please it has a south facing aspect and the views are great, over the years I have collected many old news papers for bedding. Actually some still make a pretty good read!! though their Tog rating is doubtful

  • Ex Top WEbook writer. Take a look at my poetry site

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