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  • It doesn't much matter. All that matters is that it's a living hell.

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  • I find myself constantly rewriting this as my position in this world changes...
    First off, and probably most importantly, I write using Microsoft Word. Let me explain, if you have not heard before, that Word has a remarkably stubborn incompatibility with WEbook. So bear with strange colouring of my writing, or disappearing indentations on the last paragraph of a chapter, or remarkable gaps between paragraphs that make no sense. I've done everything possible to fix it (I even turned the entire first chapter of Element Fallen that weird gray colour), but there's nothing else I can do.

    If you want me to be short (yeah I’m short) sweet (bah!) and to-the-point  (but isn’t rambling to-the-point?), I can be described as another tortured soul in this God-forsaken world. I’ve experienced pain far beyond what anyone of my rather young age should have to. Life has taught me two rules, each contradicting the other. The first is that everyone causes pain, and therefore I should only rely on myself. Sounds reasonable, no? Well one girl is too weak to face the world alone. So life taught me to look for those that had a potential to care beyond any other. I look for three things in people: pain, hope, and passion. And over the years, I’ve gotten rather good of find them, or the lack thereof.

    If you need to know anything about me, it’s that there’s always a difference between what I should do, and what I’m going to do. Life told me I shouldn’t run a mile with a torn hamstring. I did it anyway and got a 100 on my P.E. grade. Life told me I shouldn’t like the rain. I stand in the pouring rain at every opportunity. Life told me I had suffered too much pain and would never be capable of trusting someone or being loved without my past being in the way. There ARE people that I trust my life with, and I could never ask to be any more loved. So I make my own decisions based on what I KNOW is right, not what anyone, including myself, thinks to be right. I’m more indecisive than you think, because I’m too often in doubt. I don’t want to harm those I love or the world any further with a decision I could have made differently.

    I also believe that anyone who has the ability to help has the responsibility to help. We can all make a difference, even if it’s not noticeable right away.

    The third most important philosophy that I can think of off the top of my head is one of the few things I was able to understand in religion. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Any crime of hate against another person is a crime against the Lord. Be it murder, or gossiping, you have committed a sin every time you have hate for another person. In my eyes, a serial killer, responsible for numerous innocent deaths, and who isn't sorry for what he's done is just as bad as an elderly lady who attends church every week, prays before her meals, yet gossips about the other members of the church. They both sin, one just claims to be good. You are not good if every one of your actions is not good. We all have potential to be evil. Even a priest or a bishop or a pastor is capable of hating another person, of gossiping, of murder. So does good exist? I guess so, in small amounts. But no one in this world is purely good.

    I just completely lost myself. I will debate anything with you, just message me. You won't change my opinions, and you won't silence me. I won't be silenced by society's standards anymore. I'm nonconformist, in my religion, my beliefs, my battles. And for once, I'm going to let it be known. I'll stand openly against any who seek to quiet my defiant words, but I'm going to fight with all I have.

    This is why I write. I write to show the world what it is doing to itself. Even Element Fallen, which has been my "baby" for a few years, despite how little I have developed it, is not entirely an act of fiction. Events that occur within its pages actually happened. The pain I capture with my words was always felt. Any of my non-fiction writings have to do with my beliefs of this world, or my past.


  • Nothing yet. Maybe my stories will take me there; maybe my photography.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Horror, Literary, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen

  • The Sight
    The Fellowship of the Ring
    The Two Towers
    The Return of the King
    The White Dragon
    (too many more.. let's just say the entire Dragonriders of Pern series)
    New Moon (even if I threw it at the wall)
    Breaking Dawn (even if I threw it at the wall too)
    Blue Bloods
    The Fire Within
    Fire Eternal
    Bad Kitty
    Poppy and Rye
    Poppy and Ereth
    Ereth's Birthday
    Poppy's Return
    Kissed by an Angel
    The Power of Love
    Vampire Academy
    Shadow Kiss
    Blood Promise
    Wizard's First Rule
    Stone of Tears
    Blood of the Fold
    Temple of the Winds
    Soul of the Fire
    Faith of the Fallen
    The Pillars of Creation
    Naked Empire
  • Two Towers, J. R. R. Tolkein
    Wizard's First Rule, Terry Goodkind
    Brisngr, Christopher Paolini
  • Outside. About a half mile into the woods.
    We have this awesome creek.
  • A little story about wolves and another about vampires. The wolves I may continue, and eventually add on to here. There's too many popular Vampire books to bother with the other right now.
  • Fiction: Literary, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • To answer this question, I have to bring up some of my religious beliefs. In my opinion, our souls are thousands of years old, and mature in their own way as well, searching to reach full actualization. When they want to mature faster, they choose to begin a mortal life. Before the cycle begins, they pre-set what choices they will have to face in the lifetime. Before we even enter the mortal world, we know what we will have to face. We would not begin the life if we didn't think we could handle it. So why spend all your time wishing you were someone else? You began this life for a reason. You may not know it yet, and I couldn't tell you any more than the next person, but you will accomplish you goals. So I don't bother anymore with wishing I had someone else's life. I wanted to be this person, me, when I could have been anyone else in the world.
  • David Clement-Davies
    J. R. R. Tolkein
    Anne McCaffrey
    Stephenie Meyer
    Scott Westerfeld
    Melissa De la Cruz
    Christopher Paolini
    Chris D'Lacey
    Michelle Jaff
    Tedd Dekker
    Frank Peretti
    Angie Sage
    Elizabeth Chandler
    Richelle Mead
    Terry Goodkind