• I just want to quit my job, write books, and be happy.

General details

  • Nevercease

  • In a story somewhere

  • Jane

  • Yes

  • Female

In short

  • I've been writing extensively for 14 years. I have completed a fantasy series and am working on publishing it, either self published or otherwise, which ever comes first. I've titled the series The Lost Gods so if you see it on store shelves, you can claim you first saw it here! Some day I will retire as a writer and live in a hermitage.

  • I'm awesome

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Warriors in the Mist - Susan Kalior
    The SeaWolf - Jack London
    The Demon King
  • UNRAVEL - Imogen Howson
  • Everywhere
  • My current completed serious I've knighted the name, THE LOST GODS and another fantasy I'm calling THE WAR QUEEN, and OH yes... one more called the LAST WIZARD (still in 2nd draft)
  • Fiction: Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Jack Sparrow.
  • Susan Kalior, Margret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Alison Goodman.