General details

  • NikkiLynneC809

  • Alberta, Canada

  • Nikki

  • Grant MacEwan University

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • Hi!

    My name is Nicole and I am an aspiring young author. I live constantly in a fantasy world, always grabbing my ideas from whatever is around me. I am currently working on getting published with my very first novel. I am also working my way through the bachelor of communications program at Grant MacEwan university.

    I am very creative and have lots of fun creating new things — I’ll admit it, I may have too much fun with that. I love to paint and am also working on getting my art out there and into the world. With my paintings I have a strange fascination with planets and landscapes that don’t really make sense.

    My personality is strange to others, but makes perfect sense to me. I’m shy at first, but if I feel comfortable enough, my weird and fun side come out right away. My family calls me a bubble head because I don’t always have the best focus and I do tend to zone out often. I love life, but I am always dreaming of something crazy. I’m also a tad obsessed with London, England. My friends think my obsession is strange and random, but hey, I’m always a bit random!

    I’m also a proud Canadian. I love my country! I have a tattoo on my left arm with a Canadian leaf and “Made in Canada” around it to show my pride.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing