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  • Well Met, I am glad you stopped by. One thing about this format of communication, it is one way. So, I will share a little bit about me and hope one day I will get the opportunity to hear your story.

    I am an Interfaith Chaplain and the daughter of a WWII and Korean Veteran. My father was born of a warrior culture, and he himself became a decorated warrior, just as his forefathers before him were.

    The things my Father witnessed during the war in Germany motivated him to stay in the army and use his skills to fight the good fight. The first hand life experiences my father shared with me had a great influence on my character and my beliefs. His dedication, loyalty, honor, and most of all his love and respect for his family and all life, built a strong foundation for all of us.

    I have lived in over half of the states in the continental United states. Contrary to popular belief the United states is not a homogenous conglomeration, every state and county was like a country unto itself each with it's own language and way of doing things.

    My life has been filled with up and downs as are most, and also filled with amazing adventures, immense diversity and beauty. I got of the porch, jumped on my 79 Ironhead and rode with the big dogs. I became an Ordained Priestess in my early twenties. I worked as a waitress, and worked on the boats off the coast of Virginia. I worked aerial construction across the northeast and southwest and was even a professional psychic for a few decades.

    I had three children, and learned more about life, love and the true power of heart from them, than I could ever have hoped to experience.

    Through it all the legends and traditions of my family, my ancestors and the experiences of my Father shaped my life and guided my choices. My diverse life and the wisdom of my relations gave me a unique perception on my world and insight into what seemed to 'make people tick' so to speak. I realized that for every noble inclination that each person had there was typically an equal negative motivation that quite often stymied them and undermined their success. The constant shifting balance between light and dark, the swing between good and bad. That is life, that is the way it works, or so I thought.

    A little over a decade ago I had a dream about a man that went by the name of Ronan. Over the years I have had many such dreams about him, his people and their history. The thing that struck me most about these dreams is that they each seemed to have a lesson, or a teaching. Eventually, I started making notes about the dreams.

    As I shared these stories with others I noticed something, many found some spark of insight or inspiration. So after a bit of coaxing by several friends and family members I started organizing all my notes, and compiling them into what I am now calling the Telestic Ballads.

    I hope you find the lives of this group of people, entertaining, and uplifting. Most of all I hope that they prompt you turn off that internal critic that so many of us have and which limits us. May their stories motivate you to cast aside fear, and doubt and be the best you, that only you can be. And most of all I hope that they inspire you to find a way to boldly follow your heart with confidence, and live your joy.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing