• I'm working on my life, and keeping it in order.

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In short

  • ATTENTION VISTERS: So i know i have wonderful taste and everyone wants me to read there books JK!!!!! but recantly I've had alot of people ask me to read there books, and when i say alot i mean ALOT!!! One person has also brought to my attention that if I think your book is good, it's good!

    OH MY GOD!! I'm a top reviewer!! I'd like to thank everybook I've read on here for being awesome!! Jk thank you guys!!

    What i like=

    <ME, I'm just the most awesomest person who could ever meet!
    <READING!! It's the only thing that keeps me on this site.
    <ICE CREAM, hello who doesn't?!?!
    <MY NEW IPOD TOUCH!!! yeah my life is awesome.
    <MY FRIENDS, even though theyre really crazy, theyre the only thing that keeps me sane.
    <MY FAMILY, they're even more crazy then my friends, but what can i say i love them.
    <SKIING, cross country mind you but it's surprisingly fun
    <GOD, i don't care what other people say, look around this world and there is no way this stuff was a accident. He is the most improtant thing in my life, and i promise you anyone who wants get anywhere in my life has to believe like me or get out! My views aren't changing ever!

    What i hate=

    <Those fake people, who change themsevles for others, as i said before i'm not changing for anyone!
    <MATH!! even if i'm good enough to be in acc. i just hate it, it's so confuseing!!
    < Small people, you know who i'm talking about those people who think theyre fat but aren't! I need to lose some pounds.
    <stupid people, the truth is right in theyre face and they can't even see it!

    I'm very opened minded, unless i already have my view on the subject then it's easyer to move a donkey. Here are some,
    Abortion, I'm Prochoice it's really not anyone else buiness besides that person, truthfully if i was in that situation ever i wouldn't, but this is a free country.

    Gay rights, I'm not homosexual but i could care less if they got married they love each other enough to fight for it how many of you would do that, so what they love each and they want to get married it doesn't affect my life. and truthfully gay guys have much better manners then girls.

  • I guess I'm cool enough to be top reviewer so yeah!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Literary, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen

  • Maxuim Ride books
    Princess Diares
    The Off season
    Saturday Night Dirt
    Marked Series
    Anything By Meg Cabot
    Playing with the Boys
    Bled Dry
  • Lots of books. It changes like every 3 hours.
  • Anywhere and everywhere BABY!!!.
  • Fiction: Literary, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Teen

  • No one i love my life!!!

    she makes so many books that i like!!!!! i find myself waiting for the next chapter or next awesome book!!!!

    P.S She is a webook writer, not published but should be!!!