General details

  • RLNovak

  • Southern Maryland

  • Bob Novak


  • Male

  • English

In short

  • I am currently breaking out of my comfort zone, and will soon post a new fantasy, Marked. Fantasy has always been the genre I was most attracted to, and have always wanted to try my hand at. Well, now I will. 

    After playing the game of searching for an agent, and not finding one that was the right fit, I have gone through the torturous process of self-publishing. I have learned a lot, so if you want to travel that road, ask me and I may be able to help.

    A little about me:
    As a knuckle dragging, whiskey drinking, hell-raising retired Marine, I'm genetically inclined to use the computer as a blunt instrument more-so than an outlet for my creativity. I am, however, active in several writing clubs, sites, and groups, and love sharing ideas and stories with other writers.

    I'm married to a beautiful and very patient woman, and have three surprisingly well-adjusted children in a peaceful corner of Maryland. We chose this location to be free from big city traffic, convenient shopping, luxuries, necessities, paved roads, running water...

  • I have one self-published novel, Heaven Seeks.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Graphic Novel, Horror, Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Non-Fiction: Cooking, Food & Wine, Humor

  • My favorite writing includes Robert Jordan's, The Wheel of Time; R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf series; Stephen King's, The Gunfighter series; Bachman books;
  • I am currently reading Jesse Sprague's, The Spider's Game.
  • My porch. I live in the middle of nowhere, and when I read, I like to be surrounded by the sounds of nature.
  • I have one self-published work, Heaven Seeks. I am currently working on the sequel, Hell Follows. I am also working on a more traditional fantasy, to go back to my nerdling roots and getting my swords and sorcery groove on with The Calling of the Mark.
  • Fiction: Horror, Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • From outside influences, I would have to say Perrin Ayabara from the Wheel of Time series. From my own story, I would like to live the life of Stuart Walsh.
  • The author I was most influenced is, without a doubt, JRR Tolkien. Tracy Hickmann and Margaret Weiss were also huge influences in my life.