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In short

  • RMSackville was born in Windsor, Ontario to a Canadian Bricklayer and American Housewife.  With four other siblings, she fought to find her niche in the world, the one thing that would make her unique.  She excelled in English and Science which spawned hew loved for reading, writing and incorporating the macabre into both.  At the age of 8, she found her calling--as she wrote her first book--on lined paper, folded in half and stapled together.  From that date forward, she hoped to one day write her own best selling novel--a dream she has never given up.  In 2005, RMSackville wrote and self published her first full length novel, 'Misery's Companion', which was later re-written and renamed 'Hindsight'. Although unedited, her novel sold an amazing 20 copies at its first booksigning enticing her to continue the story she had started, the one she could not quite let go.  This led to Hindsight's sequels 'Is' and '20/20'.  In her spare time, RMSackville writes short stories, one of which picked up a first place win in the June 2010 www.litfestmagazine.com short story contest--'Euphoria', and two others receiving runner up statuses--'Starved' and 'Watery Grave'.  She has also written editorials for www.sootoday.com, www.suspensemagazine.com and www.litfestmagazine.com as well as picking up Her Canadian Securities Course which now allows her to work with Life and Disability Insurance.

    "I feel there is nothing in the world a person CAN'T do, as long as they put dedication and perseverance into it.  I don't feel there will be anything that I will back down to, I will fight hard for it, if I truly want it bad enough."

  • Hindsight, Is and 20/20 are the novels I have written.  All were published with a small publisher--www.ienovel.com.  Within this last week this publisher closed its doors leaving Hindsight, Is and 20/20 without a roof over their heads or nourishment from readers.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller/Suspense

  • Anywhere.
  • I write for www.sootoday.com and have written for  www.litfestmagazine.com and www.suspensemagazine.com.  My short story 'Euphoria' won first place in the June 2010 Short, Short Story contest.  Two other short stories I wrote 'Watery Grave' and 'Starved' won 'favorite choice' and 'runner up' consecutively.
  • Fiction: Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller/Suspense

  • Superman
  • Dean Koontz all the way!