• In the process of completely rewriting Children of the Dragon. Feedbacks will be slow until the rewrite is complete. To those expecting feedbacks, sorry for the delay.

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  • NOTE: I will no longer be reading or commenting on this site. Within a few weeks, Shadowsword, and my account will be removed. For those whom I beta and critique on a regular bases, I will continue to do so, but I will not be adding new novels to that list.

    This means, if I haven't started on your stories, DO NOT ask me to read, and please, NO MORE PROJECT INVITES. If I have not started reading your work and you message me for a critique, or  if you send an invite, they will be ignored. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

    I am an aspiring author who loves to write more than anything else in the world. I like incorporating martial arts and unexpected comedy in my stories; I have a thing for gorgeous, dominating, sinister male characters, especially alien ones. It's even better if the darkness is a mask for the hidden hero-sweetheart, but true villainy works, too.

    If you would like to know more about me or my novels, visit my website at http://ravenclark.net

    NOTE TO TRAVELER READERS: As of now, The Last Traveler is temporarily on hold. I will continue writing and posting that novel here when edits of my main project, Children of the Dragon, are complete.

    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/The-ShadowSword-Saga-by-Raven-Clark/148841107464?ref=mf

    SHADOWSWORD WEBOOK GROUP: http://www.webook.com/community/groupInfo.aspx?gId=df4ef1ce280d41e785099c07b56ec1b5

    I love critiquing stories, so if you want me to look at your work, drop me a line. I only ask that you return the favor. I give thorough, honest feedback, and I will try to help where I can. Sometimes I get inundated with requests for reviews, but I will get to you eventually. If I don't leave a comment within a week, feel free to message me again.

    If you enjoy SHADOWSWORD, please join the series fanpage on Facebook at the above link. There is also new group for the series, right here, on Webook. As for the website, check it out and leave comments, suggestions or questions for me anytime.

    Last Notes: If you like fantasy of any kind, and you want to know how it's done, check out Into the Master's Lair by Swordmistress.


    She writes like a real pro, and her novel is pure gold. 

    Also, IF you like Shadowsword, have a look at The Crystals of Arkan, Book 1 of The Council of Eight Saga, by Ari_Thorenstien.


    His novel is adult epic fantasy like Shadowsword, but his is more...mythological.

  • I am known for my firm belief that the pen literally is mightier than the sword.  My pen of preference is the katana--subtle, graceful, beautiful...and lethal.

    And I can hardly beleive this...ME? I have fans!!!! How in the Great Dragon did that happen??? Yay for the Shadowsword!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Crime, Erotica, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Mystery, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Fantasy:   Lord of the Rings
                      The Wheel of Time
                      The Shadowsword Saga
                      Into the Master's Lair
                      Kull the Conqueror
                      If I Pay Thee Not In Gold
    SCI FI:      Brave New World
                      Star Wars Books
    YA:            Harry Potter
                      Dear Juliet
    YA (par):  The Fallen Saga
    Children:The Neverending Story
    Horror:    Needful Things
    Erotica:   The Pleasure Slave
                     The Stone Prince
    Mystery:  Let Me Call You Sweetheart
                    Where are the Children?
    Fiction:   To Kill a Mockingbird
                    Of Mice and Men
                    Flowers For Algernon
  • The Hickory Staff: Book 1 of the Eldarn Sequence

    Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind

    Novels written by great authors on Webook. Oh, so many talented authors!


    Into The Master's Lair - Swordmistress (Epic Adult Fantasy with a romantic twist).

    Dear Juliet -Allie Marie (if you like a good YA suspense with a romantic twist)

    When You Wish Upon A Star - Writeaholic (Creepy sci-fi/Fantasy and NOTHING to do with the Care Bears!)

    Anything by SympleSimon, if you like a good belly laugh

    LOL - AnnieStephanie (YA contemporary - It's hilarious, but intense)

    The Blood War Chronicles - RazielBlack (dark fantasy).

    The Crystals of Arkan - Ari-Thorenstien (epic adult fantasy)
  • On the incredibly compfy couch in my living room.
  • Shadowsword: Vol. 1: Children of the Dragon
    The Last Traveler (WIP)
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Erotica, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

  • Xena
  • J.K. Rowling, Mercades Lackey, Piers Anthony, Dennis L. McKiernan, Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Steven King, Gina Shawalter, Mary Higgens Clark...and more.