General details

  • SaemiFlow

  • Ukali, Hutanu Island

  • Saemi Flow

  • Yom Derofi Secondary School

  • English

In short

  •   I live on an Island that most have never heard of, it isn't the richest island, but luckily for me my family has wealth. I love writing, I am a beginner at it, and if i am lucky one day I will make it off of my poor, little island and become known in America.  Hopefully.  My name Saemi Flow, means Ocean Flow, and I love the beach.  So one day, when my books become famous, I will move to California, I have heard it to be beautiful, so it will become my home one day.

  • I am known as a very good story maker at my school, Y.D. Secondary, So I am very proud.  I have posted my latest prologue on, I will wait until I have finished all of my work before I post it here.  So sign up and comment please.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • I have many, naming them all would be a pain.
  •   A book from a writer on Ukali, Froyman Hoy, it is called "Hound OF Maker, To You I Shall Arrive" it is a draft though, not published yet.
  • Under the palm on Yujé beach.
  •   I am working on it, but one shall come.
  •   Moss, from the book Hollow Moon.  She is a high strung, happy, carefree spirit whom is very inspirational.
  • Just one, Froyman Hoy.