• What are you working on? Nothing really. Besides school.

General details

  • ScarletAdams

  • Somewhere Over The Mango

  • Hope Solo! LOL i wish.

  • Hogwarts School for Wizadry and Witchcraft

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • In a short sentence. Im AWESOME! My fav addictionns are All American Rejects,(I LOVE the song I wanna) fro yo, and anything on the youtube. Junkie. I dont know how this helps at all but you know.

  • When I was little I drew comic strips. Of course only I knew what they meant. My sketches and writing is a million times better. No seriously. A TON better!!!!! Then, as I grew older I realized I should write. And I began to write, and write, and write...

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Romance

    Non-Fiction: Biography, History, Humor, Inspiration, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Pets, True Crime, Women's Studies

    Screenplay: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Love/Romance

    Poetry: Fantasy, Romantic / Love, Song Lyrics

  • Twilight Saga, Percy Jackson series, The Clique, Dear Dumb Diary, Harry Potter, Pretty Little Liars, and The Hunger Games.
  • Flawless(Pretty Little Liars#2), and The Hunger Games.
  • In a sunbeam outside or snuggled up somewhere soft reading past midnight
  • Mainly Adventure/Comedy occasionally Romance
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Humor/Satire, Romance, Short Story

    Non-Fiction: Art, Architechture & Photography, Biography

    Screenplay: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Love/Romance

    Poetry: Song Lyrics

  • Scarlet O' Hara from (for thoose of you who refuse to read/watch this amazing movie) Gone With The Wind
  • J.k. Rowling, Lisi Harrison, Stephanie Meyer, 
    Allison Noel, James Bennett, Marguerite Henry, Rick Riordan, Judy Blume, and Margaret Mitchell