General details

  • ShanaPupik

  • Memphis, TN

  • BHS & MA

  • Female

  • English

In short

  • I am married and have three old kids. I teach intellectually gifted students and write for children. I have been published by Caris Publishing Company.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Historical Fiction, Humor/Satire, Teen, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Non-Fiction: History

  • Ruta Sepetys' book "Between Shades of Gray" tells the story of a Lithuanian teen who suffers abuse at the hands of Joseph Stalin in the 1940s.
    Squee! #8 on NY Times Best Seller list.

    Check this out:
    This book is absolutely heart-wrenching and brilliant!

    I have also enjoyed: The Giver, A Wrinkle in Time, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, Harry Potter series, There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, Star Girl, The Lightning Thief and its sequels, The Uglies series, The Red Tent, Walk Two Moons, Shadow Children Series, My Brother Sam is Dead, The Help, Schooled, Hunger Games series, Aliens Ate My Homework, Me Two, Seth Baumgartener's Love Manifesto, The Outsiders, Nineteen Minutes, Water for Elephants, My Name is Memory, The King of Ithaka, Fire Girl
  • various kid lit
  • in bed
    on couch
    Reading is best when a furry friend rests on my chest or in my lap as I read.
  • I've written multiple novels that no one will publish. Caroline B. Cooney's first eight books were never published either, so I plan to hang in there and keep writing. It takes the average writer ten years to get published. I've only been at it for about five, so no need to cry yet.

    Various short stories are also available for publication.

    I also have a humor blog that has just started to take off and enjoy many visitors, followers, and high rankings from sites I've registered on.
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Humor/Satire, Short Story, Teen, Thriller/Suspense, Young Adult/Juvenile

  • Hermoine Granger because she is clever. I would love to use her magic too. I'd get those agents and editors on my team in no time!
  • Margaret Peterson Haddix, Gordan Korman, Louis Sachar, Shel Silverstein, Jerry Spinelli, Mary Ann Rodman, April Lurie, Ruta Sepetys