• Where has WeBook been for the past six months of my life? So glad to see it back up!

General details

  • SuzeMcCree

  • Wonderland

  • S.M.

  • English

In short

  • Current English major. Have been working on Alice for quite sometime and would love feedback and suggestions on what's there so far.

  • It may have been that time I almost set a world record for Most Times Running Into A Door.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Crime, Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology, Family Life & Saga, General, Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Multicultural, Novella, Political, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Teen, Thriller/Suspense, Urban, Women's Fiction, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Non-Fiction: Art, Architechture & Photography, Biography, History, Humor, Law, Music

    Screenplay: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, General, Horror, Love/Romance, Musical, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Poetry: General

  • The Mediator Series
    Grimm's Fairytales
    My Name Is Memory
    Good Omens
    The Crucible
    Harry Potter Series
    I Love You, Beth Cooper
    Just Listen
    The back of cereal boxes
    Mirror, Mirror
    Les Miserables
    Fahrenheit 451
    Paper Towns
    Anything referring to Anne Boleyn.
  • The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Shorter 8th ed.
  • In bed.
    On the couch.
    Coffee shops.
    My car.
  • Alice in Reality (NaNoWriMo)
  • Fiction: General, Humor/Satire, Literary, Novella, Romance, Short Story, Teen, Young Adult/Juvenile

    Non-Fiction: Art, Architechture & Photography, Entertainment, Music

    Poetry: General

  • Heaven
  • William Shakespeare
    Suzanne Collins
    Gregory Maguire
    Beth Patillo
    Jenny Carroll
    Anne Rice
    VIctor Hugo
    Caprice Crane
    Mike White
    Holly Black
    Sarah Dessen
    John Green
    Jane Austen
    Tenacious D
    Terrance Zdunich
    Darren Smith
    Arthur Miller
    Ann Brashares