• At last post I'd published my 8th novel. I've now published two more - "Losing & Winning" and "The Assyrian Girl"

General details

  • Tomtom

  • New Zealand

  • Tomtom

  • Marlborough College

  • English

In short

  • Retired early; mad about books, madder about writing fiction; large family; into nature conservation; selective about movies; watch too much TV; into religion. Have published 9 novels.

  • Author of an ABNA semi-final novel - "Reversal Point" published through & see

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Horror, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Thriller/Suspense

    Non-Fiction: Outdoors & Nature, Philosophy, Politics & Current Affairs, Religion, Sex & Relationships

    Poetry: General

  • For recreation: Thrillers
  • One after another
  • In bed
  • Non fiction
  • A top selling author
  • For recreation: Clancy, Grisham but read others