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  • WindUpWillie

  • forks, washington at the cullen's house, in Edward's room with Edward.  :D

  • Anika, who's asking? ;)

  • NCTHS (dude best high school eva!)

  • English

In short

  • Hey im anika. im a GIRL living in hot, humid florida. i gots a lil sis on here(BloodDagger) and a friend in real life(JNeeko1010). you should definately read my sis's stuff, its really emotional and don't forget my friend either!!! i consider them both wayyyy better writers than me so if you think my stuff is good, you've really got to check their stuff out.

    im in the marching band at my school, as well as regular old concert band. music plays a big part in my life and i don't know what i'd do without it. i play the saxophone in marching band and my oboe in concert band. i have been playing oboe for 4 years now and the saxophone for almost a  yr. i really want to learn trumpet and guitar but i just dont have the time right now.

    ummm i ride horses as a hunter/jumper, as a matter of fact i have 4. willie is the first horse i ever got so that's why im WindUpWillie, that's his show name. i am also interested in horse racing and one of my dreams is to become a jockey as well as a horse owner and breeder. horseback riding as well as music are the highlights of my life. id probably die without them.

    Did i mention im obsessed with vampires? yup its true. i love love love the twilight saga by stephenie meyer. i actually read them b4 they became really popular and i really hate that they're so popular now because ppl will just read it because everyone else is. And for me, thats not a good reason to read a book, you should a read a book because you love reading, not because you have to or because everyone else is. obviously i am crazy about books. seriously im like the bookworm of my school, no joke.

    i listen to just about every type of music except country and like techno. i cannot stand country, well except for taylor swift and some carrie underwood.

    80% of all teenagers would have a nervous break down if they saw Miley Cyrus on top of a skyscraper about to jump. Copy and Paste if you are part of the 20% that would watch and start screaming, "Jump, bitch, jump!"

  • im already a published author, i am formerly a top webook writer and i am working on getting that back. i have already gotten top webook reviewer back though! :D

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Crime, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Teen, Women's Fiction

    Non-Fiction: Humor, True Crime, Women's Studies

    Poetry: General

  • im a bookworm!!!!

    TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, house of night, vampire kisses, vampire academy, summer boys, blue bloods, the city of bones, the city of ashes, wicked lovely, artemis fowl series, pendragon series, inkheart, inkspell, eragon, eldest, brigsinger, percy jackson and the olympians, uglies, pretties, specials, extras,  the judas kiss, mistress of mellyn, on the night of the 7th moon, the host, kirkland revels, silk vendetta, the mask of the enchantress, anything by phillipa carr or victoria holt, harry potter, anything by jodi picoult, chronicles of narnia, alex rider, the last apprentice series, ranger's apprentice series, morganville vampires, maximum ride,  the children of the lamp, septimus heap series, the godslayer chronicles, the fire within, ice fire, fire star, the thief lord, dragon rider, gossip girl, sisterhood of the traveling pants, the click series, it girl series, private series, tithe, ironside, valiant, ink exchange, wicked lovely, many many many many more!! trust me!
  • all of the many works of webook that ive been requested to read and all the submissions to my projects.

    well i just finished angels & demons by dan brown, so idk what next. probably the books im supposed to be reading for school. lol
  • in my room, on the couch, it doesnt really matter to me, i can read in the car if i have to.

     sometimes when im writing poetry or trying to get in the mood to write something, ill listen to some inspiring music(usually sad and emotional stuff).
  • Fiction: Crime, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Mystery, Religious/Inspirational, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Short Story, Teen, Women's Fiction

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Religion, True Crime, Women's Studies

    Poetry: General

  • just about everyone from twilight, zoe from house of night, phillipa and francine from the judas kiss, arabella from lament for a lost lover, martha from mistress of mellyn, harry potter!, rose and lissa from vampire academy (they get DIMITRI and CHRISTIAN), blair and serena from gossip girl (they get DAN and NATE, at least in some of the books), almost forgot claire and eve from morganville vampires(they get SHANE and MICHAEL, although i think im likin shane better), noelle from private(and only cause she gets the super hot and sexy Dash McCafferty)

    honestly there are a lot of ppl from books/movies that i would like to be. it just seems like most of the characters end up getting what they really want eventually.
  • jodi picoult, phillipa carr, victoria holt, anthony horowitz, STEPHENIE MEYER, jk rowling, cornelia funke, tamora pierce, cecily von ziegersar, kate brian, dan brown, etc..