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  • My name is Carmel Finnerty -Gonzales. I was born and reared in Ireland. Fifth oldest, of a family of Thirteen (The Baker's Dozen or the Sacred Thirteen)
    When you grow up with that many family members it is "Time well Spent"
    One of my dreaded and many repeat moments as a kid was to stand in front of the class and tell them all about my family. Why did I dislike doing this so much? Because I had more brothers and sisters than people in my class. I would be asked silly questions like: How do I remember all the names? How many dinners did my Mam make every night to please all of us, and how many beds in our home? I hated getting up in front of the class for more reasons that one. I did not like to lie even back then and lie I did. I told the class my mother made an array of dishes every night and because I ate all food types I got to sample them all. I told the class we had ten beds in our home. One for the parents, one for each of the five oldest including myself and then the remaining eight siblings shared a bed. The reality was somewhat different in that we ate what was given to us and if we were not at the dinner table at 5pm every day then we went without. Finally there were four to five of us sharing a bed and a twin at that.
    However looking back I would live it all many times over. Today I remain very close with all of my siblings and my Mom. We all turned out okay and all of us work hard and love well.  I am extremely proud today to have such a wonderful family in my life.

    As a child I was very shy. I rarely spoke and the book by Maya Angelou " I know why the caged bird sings" resonates so well with me. Needless to say life was tough back then we were poor and there were so many of us running the streets that we were vulnerable and preyed upon. However that was then and this is now.  I have accomplished so many of my dreams and am a great believer in having dreams pursued and attained. One of my earliest and constant dreams is to write. To tell my story and tell it well. It deserves to be heard yet must be written exactly as it went down. I am working on it. In the meantime I love poetry, writing and reading it. I consider myself to be a spiritual person and am the proud Mom of two girls. That is my story for now.

  • My claim to fame is to write from my heart, to hold nothing back. I want to give you my story in poetic form. I especially hope the thoughts you read here will give you hope, humor and insight.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Humor/Satire, Mystery, Religious/Inspirational, Women's Fiction

    Non-Fiction: Cooking, Food & Wine, Humor, Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction, Reference, Religion, Self-Help, Women's Studies

  • The Prophet
    The Music Room
    The Shack
    The White Masai
    Highway to Heaven
    So very many books I cannot recall only but the most recent right now
  • The Music Room
  • Coffee Shop
    In bed before turning off the light
    On the Beach
    On a mountain top
    In a boat
    On a ship
    Where ever I find a comfortable spot especially close to nature.
  • Fiction: Humor/Satire, Religious/Inspirational

    Non-Fiction: Humor, Reference, Religion

  • An Eagle Soaring