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  • acruz

  • is a bell hung in my heart!

In short

  • I'm going to fight until the day I die.
    I ridicule almost everything, not in bad taste, but because things can't always be too serious. Honestly, "Why so serious?" And look where it got Christian Bale.


    "Exposure in all possible ways can lead you to literature." The dust mite replied as he nibbled on some dead skin in the corner. The rubbing of his antennae made a squeaking nose Annabel couldn't stand, so she held her hands up to cover her fragile little ears, that were now littler than they had ever been before.

    But the dust bunny unfolded Annabel's hands and took them in his paws. He cleared his throat and smoothed down his ears, causing flecks of dust to fall about Annabel in a very precarious, but magical kind of way so that she almost sneezed. He spoked very slowly, "If you are only ready to expose the beautiful parts of yourself, and not the animal within, then go back to where you came from, because library shelves are not in short supply here." Then he nodded so more whitish brown specks flew around him.

    While coughing, Annabel reached a wonderful conclusion. "So," cough "that's where, "cough "I'm trying to end up with all of this!"

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • aren't favourites if they come in phases, choose wisely because they're going to stick with you forever.
  • anything I can get my dander-infested hands on.
  • Wherever I can think.
  • Elizabeth Bennet or Bridget Jones. Or Lady Amalthea.
  • Poe. Shakespeare. Golding. Beagle. Rice. Le Guin. Goldwin.