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In short

  • Hello! Welcome to my page! Well, where to begin? Bookworm, music lover, smart alec, funny (or so I've been told), nice... but if you mess with my family, your gonna get a mouthful from me or even worse; a fist-to-the-face from my deadly sister. Everytime I tried to learn the lovely language of the people of Italy, something always happens to my phone (computer was stolen). Anywho, I love writing as you can see. Once, I tried giving a non-supernatural story a chance... but that was a failure. It later on becomes a series on the paranormal. "Stop And Breathe" the longest story I've ever written was almost eight-hundred-pages long. Took me forever, I was almost done with that novel too, up until the site it was on decides to shut down. Thanks alot! My writings all deal with the supernatural; "EarthBound," "The Vacation That Went Wrong," <- (TVTWW) and "Stop And Breathe" hopefully, more ideas come to mind. If you are a critic . . . please have mercy!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Um... no way am I telling, way to much to count. But! One of my favorites is "Vampire Academy" opposite from "Twilight" alot more action. Author, Richelle Mead
  • Currently, this.
  • My room, outside, in my window