General details

  • beffy

  • Proud to live in Ohio.

  • you already made me put in a username....what more do you want from me?

  • it's the one in the middle of the cornfield

  • English

In short

  • ***ATTENTION. :) Thank you! Wake Up Sunshine, as if you have seen in the book's summary, is going under some major changes. I can't really adequetley explain right here, but you can check out what happened at: Search for the entry titled A NEW ROAD LIES AHEAD.

    Basically, I’m just a girl with a pencil in her hand and words in her head with a great group of friends behind me for support trying to survive this crazy thing we call LIFE.

    The power in our words is amazing, more than we can imagine. We can make someone laugh, cry, scream, or walk away. We realize this through speaking, but on paper it takes a new form. Suddenly the world is at the writer's fingertips, spilling out of the pen. We need words, without them, we become silent. When we become silent, no one knows the beautiful worlds we create. Writing is an escape from this screwed up world. Writing can be nerdy, but it can be an adventure also. I plan to put my journeys out there.

    Will you?

    wow....that was deep.

    *to break the rest of it down*


    i love Graeter's (spelling?) ice cream....especially that chocolate brownie fudge bites mmmmmm....

    i'm addicted to twitter

    i love to write


    and the doors are not.

    speaking of doors i run into them a lot...even got a concussion from one once.

    PRS guitars all the way ♥

    i typed this upside down

  • i'm one of the crazy girls that actually walked up to hawk nelson and gave them oprah the friend held it but i explained it :) haha i'm more than obsessed and i know that....leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Literary, Religious/Inspirational, Teen

    Non-Fiction: Religion

  • the Twilight series, My Sister's Keeper, the Bible (duh!!!) and Change of Heart
  • Black-- by Ted Dekker
  • in my room, where it's my space and it's a quiet, serene area in which I'm free to laugh and cry without judgement :)
  • so far, i've got power of the pen, Wake Up Sunshine and Revolution Under This Skin....that's it :)
  • Fiction: Teen

  • Alice Cullen
    of my own characters i'm not sure cuz they're all screwed up (i mean, i love them but they are) but i do love the name Mikki.
  • Jodi Picoult, Stephenie Meyer, God