General details

  • carolanne

  • sussex uk

  • carolanne murphy

  • English

In short

  • I am a dreamer and yet at the same time my feet are on the ground , i love nature and animals , i feel trapped in towns , i wish i could run like the wind and feel free and yet i love my family , "i am me" and that has taken years , i am a healer and a medium but at times i am lost , i believe we are all equal and should never judge
    my life has not been always easy, but thats ok , we need to have the bad to appreciate the good , i see the best in simple things, like a sunset , or just a wild rabbit running around 
    my work echoes the kind of person i am now and some of the things i have learned as i have travelled this life

  • I have come through the other side, a stronger person

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Non-Fiction: Outdoors & Nature

  • Raymond E fiest (the magician)
    spiritual books
    flowers in the attic series
    the magic cottage
    the others(james herbert)
    a child called it
    many more
  • the celestine prophecies
  • in the garden
  • my writing is mostly spiritual prose , or just about life in general , and some short stories
  • Fiction: Religious/Inspirational

    Non-Fiction: Religion

  • merlin
  • Danielle steele
    james herbert
    torey hayden
    virginia Andrews
    doris stokes
    Raymond E Fiest
    Heinz konslak