General details

  • emeesther

  • Richmond, Virginia

  • Bonnie, Mom, Nurse, Hey you

  • Operating Room Nurse

  • English

In short

  • I am a Christian mother of 2 girls,  and an operating room RN.  I love reading romance novels and history novels.   I would love to see if I can write a story and use some of my medical knowlege, and my love of tropical islands.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • action romance, history romance
  • between cases after my room is ready for the next patient and I'm waiting for the surgeon to show up.  (I can leave the stressfull place I'm in and go to fantasy land for a couple of min.)
  • One of the Super Women in a Cindy Dees, MedUsa novels.  (Special Forces, Spy ect....You know the strong beautiful, super athlete that is sexy and always gets the guy.)
  • Cindy Dees, I have every book she has published.  I preorder them before they get published!!!