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  • I started writing and posting fan fiction on another site in 2009, but never had luck drawing anybody to read my stuff.

    Now in college, i have decided to branch out and write my own original story, and look for a community to better support me. I hope this is that place.

    Between nursing school and working as a CNA i do not have much time to write, but i hope you will be patient with me and join me on my new adventure. .

  • I fell in love with writing in fourth grade. I wrote stories that had my classmates and myself laughing. As i got into middle school and subjects became less diverse, and English class became more about prompts and word counts, i found myself missing free writing. I found myself writing chapters of stories in between homework projects in my notebook.

    In seventh grade i took up fan fiction writing and went on with a series through my sophomore year, writing in a separate notebook, then attempting to type out the stories to publish online. Since my final two years of highschool, i have kinda been on hiatus due to school and work, but eairly last year I started getting the feeling that something was missing.

    I was never supported by anyone but a couple of friends who were on the same site i was. No one seemed to be interested in my subject, or fan fiction in general. But I've looked back at my early writing and have seen how i have evolved during my recent hiatus. This has influenced my decision to start over, work on original content, and to change sites/writing communities.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fan Fiction, Poetry
  • Fiction: Action/Adventure, Short Story

    Poetry: General, Romantic / Love