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  • giftmagic

  • Adelaide Australia

  • Ron Anderson

  • I went to many schools

  • Male

  • English

In short

  • My very first manuscript was published immediately in 1983. I showed it to a publishing manager to understand what it still needed. He shelved his whole schedule to read over 600 pages in the next 3 days after telling me he needed a month. My next now very dusty 30 works were much better and are ignored even pretty well by me too now.

    I'm not an educated writer but I have an aWesome discovery I must present to the world somehow? Nobody wants to know unfortunately. 6 years and over 400 submissions guarantee it.

    The claim is too big, too profound, and it cuts across established science theory everywhere as it is currently taught. It is really a ball and chain I just drag erratically to nowhere in particular next now.

    I'm quite surprised to even be contemplating listing myself with this site now after so many wasted years struggling to nowhere.

    It was a question I pondered at great length and I once asked a far more knowing consciousness source than my feeble flicker to sum up the truth of our reality.

    It needed just two words: Reality is "What IS."

  • I really interviewed God face to face - at It's demand!

    There is nothing left to freak me out here after that, not even failure or death again.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • It would take me half an hour to list the titles, let alone try and give any meaningful detail too? Maybe I should put a potential dust cover advert here or something???
  • Non-Fiction: Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration, New Age & Spirituality, Philosophy

  • Me - wealthy and successful. What's this "for a day" business??