• Now and then; I remember when...

General details

  • greyeyesgabriel

  • Chandler, Texas, USA

  • Rev. Gabriel Bryan McBride

  • English

In short

  • On the web, I am known as greyeyesgabriel, and I have many web projects working, want to know more about that then just search greyeyesgabriel. My real passion is writing, and poetry is a way for me to release my feelings into a positive medium. My own projects here are really just a collection of my life's work of poetry. I am always open to contributing to other projects and maybe one day I may allow a project of my own that would allow everyone to contribute, but I am far to busy to give it the attention that it would need. I welcome friend, group and project requests and I will try to contribute in any way that I can. Thank you all very much for your support and friendship.

  • I am creating my claim to fame. I am greyeyesgabriel!

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • The Holy Bible; The Regulators; Desperation; Cell; The Shining; Alice in Wonderland; The Time Machine; War of the Worlds; 1984; Stranger in a Strange Land; Hellfire; Romeo and Juliet; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Fight Club
  • No, book just stuff online!
  • In the Bathtub, when available.
  • I also write on and have had several poems published by Some of my poetry has been published in the UK as well as the USA.
  • Fiction: Children's, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Political, Religious/Inspirational, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Non-Fiction: Computing & Internet, History, Humor, Outdoors & Nature, Politics & Current Affairs, Reference, Religion, Science

  • Tyler Durden!
  • Peter, apostle to Jesus Christ; Stephen King; John Saul; Clive Barker; George Orwell; H.G. Wells; Robert Frost; Robert H. Heinlein; Carroll Lewis; William Shakespeare