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  • ieffingneedyou

  • New Castle, Indiana

  • Sheena Ward.

  • English

In short

  • MY NAME IS Sheena Ward
    and i'm a fuck up.
    I've smelt this moldy air for 19 years.
    If no one's told you you're beautiful;;;
    i will. xxx.
    I could tear you apart with my words alone. I'm a poet at heart. ♥
    I'm FunSized;;; 5feet2inches.
    I'm Bi.[I like boys AND girls. xd]
    Everyone deserves a chance... or two.
    I can be the nicest person you know or your greatest enemy;;; YOU choose.
    I walk on the earth in New Castle, Indiana.
    I believe in choice;;
    [[And I like to believe there's something; it gives me hope;;;agnostic.]]
    As for HEROES:Life is full of LET-DOWNS;; oh, and fuck you♥
    i don't have anyone to believe in right now. give me something to believe in;;

    don't judge me.
    "...and I'm lost again singing this love song by myself;
    how lonely, it gets, singing a tune only two know."

    signing out with a more formal note;;; forget the informalities..
    i miss you.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing