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In short

  • Hello there wonderful webbookers!
    I'm never on here
    but if you want me to read your stuff send me a message I will do:D!
    I absouletly love books:D
    cheerleading is my life bascially it takes up a lot of my time:D
    people say I'm a blonde at heart but aren't we all?:)

    I have the best bf of all time!
    we've been friends for forever and now we're together !♥
    kelly clarkson is my role model I ♥ her
    shopping is my guilty pleasure:D

    I simply love life and laughing

    I'm a nerd at heart !♥

  • Beingg myself and making people laugh!♥

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Teen

  • twilightseries                    
    favorite book of all time....The Luxe
    Anne of Green Gables
    Staying Fat for Sarah Burns
    Face on the milk cartoon
    He's with Me
    truth about forever
    lock and key
    this lullaby
    someone like you
    keeping the moon
    meaning of life
    staying fat for sarah burns
    Clique series

    Because of Winn-Dixie(5th grade)
    Tale of Desperaux(4th grade)
    Princess Diaries Series
  • your mind and its saying you want me(not a book)
  • in my bed  or by my pool:)
  • running to you
    those who hurt us
  • Fiction: Teen

  •    cinderella,orlando blooms' lover,Barbie or all of the above
  • stephenie meyer
    sara dessen
    meg cabot