General details

  • moonangel

  • Alabama, USA

  • Lynn <br>

In short

  • I love making people feel good about themselves.. . not with false words or false hopes but with friendship and honesty. 

    I love music and I  love to dance, in the rain, under the stars, it doesn't matter where - just dance, people!! Spirit dance, if you have never tried it - you are missing out.

    I love writing poetry and have written over 120 poems thus far, some good, some great, lol, some just okay - okay some bad... too I admit it... but the main thing is - I am WRITING - putting my thoughts to pen... it soothes the soul.

    I am trained in Reiki, I believe that helping each other is the best path to walk in this world.  I honor the Earth and hope that you do too.  May your life be a circle of harmony.  Namaste.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Frenchman's Creek, The King's General, Jamacia Inn, The Stephanie Plum Series, One for the Money, etc., Coast Road, almost any James Patterson or Nora Roberts novel
  • The Prophet by Kahil Gibran
  • In my Sunroom or lying in bed late at night, or on a breezy afternoon in my back yard swing
  • In process of creating a blog / website re: something that is essential to life - can you guess what that might be?
  • Wonder Woman, why not? lol
  • Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Daphne Du Murier, Barbara Delinsky