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In short

  • Im just an oldskol poet who expresses himself by the things I've experienced and the things that I've been through, I feel very deeply about many things, life, love and sprit.  I believe that words are one of the worlds most powerful tool useed, they can sooth your pain, they can even make you smile, they can also cut like a knife, make you toss and turn in the middle fo the night. I a musician for many, many years, a funky bass player, also a chef, and a poet, so that makes me a very passionat man, I have the ability to put myself in others shoes, and somehow express how they feel even better than they can themselves, Iam 6ft 4 210 lbs with beautiful light brown that my mother gave me with caramel skin curly hair that blows with the wind. who would love to meet a woman who trully understands an artis. and the deepness that we feel. glad to be here yall i've also been a musician most of my life I,ve performed with a lot of bands in my time most famous one being xvaion out of memphis sold 3000,000 copies back in the day hit on the alblum was a song call eat your heart out on tour with hall and oats in the 80.s I m a funky bass player who also dapples with key boards, trumpet, drums, and gutiar, and I love my mama, she,s my best friend she makes me laugh,

  • a great musician and poet also a fantastic chef which is how ai make my living

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Fiction: Romance

  • the tale of two cities
  • poetry
  • by the fireplace
  • life, love, and inspriation
  • Fiction: Romance

  • king
  • myself