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  • Barry South Wales

  • Derek James

  • English

In short

  •   A grizzled old seadog who spent 40 odd years on ships, rigs and barges in the oil industry. Travelled worldwide. Wrote books when at sea, published them on under the pen name Deric Barry

  • Sat opposite David Attenborough on a train from Paddington to Bristol. Tried to ignore him and the people asking for his autograph. He said goodbye to me when he got off at Bristol.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • Non-Fiction: Travel

  • Anything by John Grisham, Stephen Leather. British history books from the Norman conquest to Victorian times.
  • Dry Guillotine by Rene Belbenoit. 15 years among the Living Dead on Devil's Island. A facinating book of the French inhumanity to prisoners.
  • On my Patio, resting in my recliner with a glass of beer by my side.
  • White Slaves. A novel of the kidnapping of girls by a religious sect. Hislop, the cowardly, overweight private detective is engaged to free them but is captured with them and sent to the Middle East to the harems of rich Arabs.

    Innocent on the run. A novel of a young boy's ambition to go to sea.  He is stranded in Port Arthur on the Gulf of Mexico and goes on the run to avoid being jailed as an illegal. Murder, Bank Robbery and the love of a beautiful senorita all contribute to his unforgettable first voyage.

    The National heroes. The  fictional story of National Servicemen in the Royal Navy during the Suez Crisis of 1956.

    Mayhem in the Valleys. Stories of the escapades of three geriatric delinquents who cause chaos and confusion in the Welsh Valleys.

    Hislop's Nigerian Nightmare.  Hislop, the cowardly overweight private detective is engaged to get the goods on a cheating husband and is drawn into an investigation by H.M Customs and Revenue and sent to Nigeria on assignment. He is kidnapped, held to ransom, threatened with torture, suffering many privations before being rescued.
  • Fiction: Literary

  • John Grisham
    Stephen Leather
    Gerald Seymour