General details

  • smilingsunshine

  • Crystal Stone

  • High School

  • English

In short

  • i'm not confident in much, but i know i was made to write. i'm here fulfilling that. i try to be heartfelt with my writing and i usually write in first person. i don't use capitals unless it is novel writing. my poetry is usually lowercased unless it's older stuff. not all of my writing is about me, or the experiences i've had. some are just random inspirations or prophetic visions.

    my accomplishments are few: i won honorable mention in the 2007-2008 teachers against prejudice (TAP) essay contest. my team was a semi-finalist in the J8 competition (junior division of the G8). although it was a team effort, i was the writer for our team. i made it to nationals this year in the fine arts competition for my short sermon and my poem "broken legacies" (although i capitalized everything and made it longer for the competition). i didn't get anywhere in nationals, but heyy, at least I made it there.

    and the latest about me: i want to be a neuroscientist. :) my plan: go to william and mary college for undergraduate and transfer to carnegie melon. but we'll see where god takes me.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • the blue bottle club- penelope j. stokes, a little princess- (author of secret graden- both classics), girl, interrupted- susanna kaysen. though none go with me- jerry b. jenkins. etc.
  • 'fingerprints of god'
    'the scarlet letter'
    'lust in translation'
  • somewhere comfortable.
  • poetry; songs; political, scientific, and philosophic essays.
  • jerry b. jenkins, ted dekker, susanna kaysen, mitch albom, etc.