General details

  • spencerty1

  • ca!

  • my name? u realy whant 2 know my name?  great............... -.-

  • its in ca duh :)

  • English

In short

  • i am 18 year old :) i hate ppl who  are retarted, i love geting in trouble in class :). i love hearing slipknot!!!! and 5 finger death punch /,,,/ and i play runescape .. my user is spencerty1 (add meh if u whant 2) and thats me bye!!

  • i have no fame :(

My Favorites: Reading and Writing

  • wat ever  book has the name spencer is in it lol
  • ummm idk :P
     harry potter i guess :)
  • no were lol >.<
  • mybe a death metal player like corey taylor ... aka slipknot singer...........
  • is me!!!!!!!!