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  • I am 49 and I live in the UK, near Bristol with my husband and two young children .
    I began writing over five years ago, when I lived in France. It’s hard not to write when you live in France, especially, when it’s a two-hundred-year-old farmhouse surrounded by acres of vines.
    ‘The Perfects’ is my second novel and I am currently working on my third, ‘The Song of the Underground’, about a lost subterranean city, beneath London.
    I have written several prize-winning short stories, and many of them have been published in various anthologies: more recently with Little Acorn Press; to be published in August this year.
    I have recently delved into script-writing, when I wrote a four part drama for TV and whilst I am working on my new book, I am developing my web site, which offers a not-so-serious daily blog about that elusive road to publication.
    I often say, 'Writing for me is like having a fire in my belly, sometimes the flame dies but most of the time it rages and I am startlingly bright.’ And i get away with that!.

My Favorites: Reading and Writing